We offer a full complement of creative services to help you
engage with your target students and secure the right
talent for your organisation.

Creative Services and Social Media:

We understand that the look, feel and delivery of your campaign are as important as the message behind it.

At JOC we have a proven track record in providing our clients with fantastic creative branding and content that truly reflects them and who they are.

Our high-quality creative design teams are used to finding innovative ways to meet the needs of a range of graduate recruiters and other clients, from major multinationals to midsized and boutique firms.

Digital & Apps-based services

Gamification - Selection App

JOC has recently become an authorised reseller for a brand new mobile App called “Firefly Freedom”. The App is designed specifically to help with the graduate selection and assessment process at the early stages of the application process. The App incorporates the most advanced and rigorous measurement technique ever used in a mobile-based solution.

It’s fun and easy to use and helps positions employer’s brands as innovative and creative, and with more than 3,000 data points analysed, it’s one of a new generation of selection/assessment tools on the market. This Arctic Shores designed product offers students and recruiters personal profiling information currently not offered by more traditional selection tools. To find out more download the demo.

Download a demo today


Your website is often the first thing potential applicants see and therefore needs to be designed specifically with your target students in mind.

As well as being engaging and easily accessible it’s imperative that your graduate recruitment pages are compatible with the smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices increasingly being used for applications and researching employers.

Our digital production experts can create next-generation, mobile-designed websites that engage and interact with users through a mixture of film, graphics, imagery and high-quality written content.

Content Development

Marketing Campaigns

Whether web or mobile based, digital content needs to get to the point.

JOC’s talented writers create content that concentrates your message into a few powerful sentences without any loss of personality or style.

At their laptops or on the move, our content delivers the messages you want, directly to your target students.


Marketing Campaigns

To cut through all the noise out there, today’s emails need to be well designed, concisely written and full of impact.

We’ll design HTML emails that compel students to read them, with inviting click-throughs that lead them to the next stage of the application process.


In 2015 video is an essential part of any good graduate recruitment campaign. With many employers already incorporating film as part of their campus marketing creative, the challenge is to find new and innovative ways of producing the right kind of offering to match your brand in a cost effective way.

Our video production team have made some fantastic films that truly reflect our clients culture, brand and campus message. As well being engaging and relevant, they always adhere to the highest production values even if they are user-generated and they work hard at getting your story across to students in the most compelling way.

Our recent Webinar production for BoAML

Bespoke Video Services

We can help you with a wide range of video-related services, including editing, hosting, changing formats and preparing for uploading to YouTube.

New for 2015: working with a leading specialist partner, JOC now provides UAV drone aerial filming services using C.A.A licensed and qualified camera crews.

This exciting new service is a perfect way for universities to show off their campus environment.

Aerial Video

EMEA Campus Connect Webinar


Marketing Campaigns

Our photographers can create beautiful, visually compelling images that bring out the story and people behind your organisation.


Trending at the moment are user-generated films, often produced using smart mobile phones. These are created by your recent hires and existing employees, with some help and training from our professional video directors and camera crews, and then edited by us.


Marketing Campaigns

Good copy is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign.

We pride ourselves on being able to write concise, engaging content that reflects needs and culture of your business. Whether print, web or social media based, our talented writers will find the right angle from which to deliver your message.

This means taking the time to understand your business and its culture, allowing them to write meaningful, intelligent copy that truly reflects your brand.


Marketing Campaigns

JOC provides clients with a range of bespoke research services. Through quantitative and qualitative techniques we can help you identify the latest trends in graduate recruitment and find out what students really think about your organisation and brand.

Gathering opinions either online, via campus student ambassadors or through focus groups, we’ll gauge student engagement and deliver essential data on how your attraction campaign or brand message might be improved.

Student Surveys

Our online surveys offer recruiters and graduate marketing teams in-depth employer analysis,
which is deliverable across a range of industry sectors. We also specialise in on-campus brand and event surveys.

Recent projects include successfully running surveys using our clients’ own application databases. We also work side-by-side with universities on campus to provide up-to-the-minute data on student application trends and preferences.

NEW Live Campus Broadcasts

Online ‘campus’ broadcasts are a game changer in terms of graduate recruitment marketing and offers real ROI value when set against large scale international on campus events programmes.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of this ground-breaking new platform and to be recognised as experts in the production of live ‘webinar’ campus broadcasts for our clients

A live broadcast allows you to disseminate your message to a targeted group or a national or global student audience. It will provide extensive opportunities for interaction and engagement between companies and potential new joiners. Working closely with in-house graduate marketing teams, in 2014 we successfully designed and implemented a series highly effective, bespoke events for our clients.

Find out more at LiveOnCampus.co.uk

Visit Liveoncampus.co.uk

If done correctly, social media can be one of the most powerful ways of finding and engaging over time with the graduates and school leavers you are looking for. But for us it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Our consultants will advise you on the best ways to manage and develop your company’s
social media profile on campus.

Whether you’re already on a variety of social platforms, or you’re still debating the merits of using social media,
we’ll give you reasoned, knowledgeable advice to help you make the right choices for your market.