What’s most important to students?

In a recent targeted student survey we conducted using the Milkround database we asked:

What is most important to you when choosing a graduate employer?”

The results? 52.5% responded that the organisation’s culture and values were what mattered most to them. Next up was salary with 27.2% of the vote. The remaining 20.3% of students replied that the reputation of the brand was most important to them.

integrityIn an age where City employers are battling for top talent, knowing what students look for and evaluate graduate offers on is increasingly important.

The question now is, are employers doing enough to communicate their organisation’s culture, or are they letting their brand lead? If students really care most about the company’s values and organisational culture then companies need to focus on pushing their people and core values as one of their main messages.

Values need to be core to the business, not simply buzz words that employers think students want to hear. And rather than simply talking about how great the people are at the company, employers need to get employees out on campus meeting and talking with students.

We are huge advocates of pushing not only the programme offer, but also the people within the organisation. Face-to-face engagement will always be the number one way to attract top talent. Having a student actually talk to a potential employer in person is much more convincing than sending out an email blast or pointing students towards a website – so it is vital to keep going on campus with your employees. Let your employees do the talking; the company culture and values will come across naturally and in a more meaningful and lasting way. It works.

Another option – if done well – is video. It’s not too expensive and if produced well, can help to communicate and reinforce the culture and values of the organisation.

Communicating the value of an organisation’s culture and the people involved in the business is tough, and listing values that employers want students to think they have is not effective – students can see through this.

What do you think, are employers struggling to communicate their culture and values to students?

– The JOC team


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