Oxford University by drone

While many people are familiar with the skyline of this most elegant of English university towns, few have had the chance to witness it close-up in all its full glory. Until now that is.

In June 2015, JOC was commissioned by Oxford University’s digital communications department to produce a drone-powered aerial film for their Facebook site – showcasing some of Oxford’s most iconic locations. The film, which was produced with the JOC’s specialist partners Skyvantage, is the first time remote-controlled UAVs (or drones) have been used to film a UK university.


This innovative, cutting-edge technique is able to reach angles that a helicopter or crane can’t, providing a 21st century take on a 900-year-old scene. In the first 30 breathtaking seconds it guides the viewer over some of the university’s most famous landmarks, including the Bodleian Library and Magdalen and Trinity colleges, before taking in the wider city and the surrounding countryside.


JOC is the first marketing agency in the UK to offer its graduate & university clients the use of this service, which also gives the option of ground-based filming and photography.

The film, which now has pride of place on the Oxford University Facebook page, has been causing quite a storm on the social media platform and it was only a matter of time before the video had gone viral.

Five days after posting, it had received over 325,000 views and generated more than 12,000 likes. Around 650 comments had also been posted by excited viewers the world over, some from as far afield as Australia and Pakistan.


The best part is that this ground-breaking service is now available to the UK’s other universities, business schools and other places of learning. It’s a fresh, exciting way to offer prospective students a never-before-seen perspective of the campus and its environs and to give them a taste of what it’s like to study there.

As Oxford has been the first to realise, reputation only says so much; sometimes you need to show people what they’re missing.

“Just a short note to you and the team to say thank you for your work on the shoot on Friday.

It made a huge difference to work with such a professional and hard working team, and we can’t wait to see the footage!”

All best,


Tom Wilkinson
Online Media Producer
University of Oxford

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