Talking tactics with LSEG’s Adam Powley

With the graduate recruitment landscape becoming ever more complex, we spoke to Adam Powley, Graduate Programme Manager at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), about the Group’s latest attraction campaign and the organisation’s goals and priorities going forward.

What have been some of the key developments you’ve observed in the graduate recruitment space from your perspective at LSEG?

One of the main changes I’ve noticed in recent years has been the growing industry-wide drive towards diversity.

Financial services employers are having to meet an ever increasing diversity ask – whether that means hiring more female graduates, increasing the number of technology grads, or opening up their programmes to a broader range of courses and universities.

How have the objectives and priorities of LSEG changed around this?

The graduate intake here at LSEG is small compared with most City employers, but the pressures and demands on the recruitment team are no less intense.

As well as the wider drive towards diversity, we are tasked with ensuring our graduate attraction strategy develops and evolves in line with the changing nature of the business. LSEG is constantly expanding its operations internationally, and we have a growing presence in Asia, the US and mainland Europe, among other regions.

It’s critical that the graduates we hire are able help take the business forward in the direction we want to go in – this could mean recruiting students with overseas experience and language skills, or them simply having a global mindset.

To support this, we have recently extended our campus engagement programme outside the UK. We visited five schools across Europe this autumn, which is a first for LSEG.

How has JOC been helping you to meet these challenges?

Because our in-house resources are quite limited, it’s essential that we have a marketing partner who has their ear to the ground, who understands our precise needs and can help us engage with diverse student audiences.

The work JOC does allows us to have a strong presence on campus, but the team also plays an important advisory role in helping us do what we do – we’ve benefited from their extensive experience in the graduate marketing space.

As the LSEG graduate attraction programme has grown, JOC has been invaluable in helping us to identify the schools we should be attending – both in the UK and overseas – and to manage our relationship with those universities.

The size and quality of our graduate cohort has been rising year on year – applications are up more than 30% over 2015 and 48% of candidates are from our target schools – so, between us, we must be doing something right.

What are the priorities for LSEG going forward from a graduate recruitment perspective?

It’s still early days in terms of our EU campus campaign, but the initial impressions are extremely good. There’s been a huge amount of interest in LSEG at the careers fairs we’ve attended, and the feedback we’ve received from European students has been very positive.

So far, about 10% of our applications this year have come from the European schools we’ve visited, which is great.

As the Group continues to expand I imagine that the appetite for attending international events will only increase and we will find ourselves doing more and more work overseas.

Another key focus for us is technology. As the business becomes increasing technology-driven one of the challenges will be managing how LSEG is perceived on campus. We want to ensure that we’re known for the many exciting new opportunities we offer, as well as our traditional roles in capital markets.

We have strong momentum with the branding work we’ve been doing with JOC. I’m looking forward to us working together to make sure we deliver the right messages on campus, in order to reach the high-quality students that we want to recruit.

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