Introducing JOC’s new recruitment process outsourcing service

JOC is delighted to announce a formal partnership with a group of leading recruitment process outsourcing professionals.

The alliance, which was formally agreed in March 2018, brings experienced, specialist talent into our award-winning team, and adds a number of exciting new features to JOC’s existing service offering.

Our expanded capabilities in Recruitment Process Outsourcing mean we can now provide City employers and other graduate recruiters with a one-stop shop for any or all their campus hiring needs.

By handing your application process over to us, we’ll take the arduous, time-consuming elements of the recruitment cycle off your hands – whether that’s sifting through large volumes of CVs; managing online or phone- and video-based assessments; fielding candidate queries; or overseeing the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

For your campus team, this equates to peace of mind and significant time and cost savings. Our support will free them up to focus their attention on other, value-added tasks.

Meanwhile, students engaging with your brand will enjoy a seamless journey from attraction to application and final offer acceptance – and will be greeted with a consistent campus ‘voice’ along the way.

It means a quality hiring experience from the outset, resulting in higher offer acceptance rates, and excellent feedback and word of mouth for your brand.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then why not find out more about how JOC’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing service can help you and your team?

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